Daredevil #369

Title:"Widow's Kiss Part 2"
Writer:Joe Kelly
Penciler:Ariel Olivetti
Inker:Pier Brito
Cover:Ariel Olivetti
Colours:Ian Laughlin
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's KF
Editor:Jaye Gardner
Assistant Editor:Dan Hosek
Date:Nov. 1997
Cover Price:1.99,2.80


Black Widow
General Tskarov
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Ursa Major

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Daredevil #370

Ariel Olivetti
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Joe Kelly
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Pier Brito
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Issue Summary

Karen sits and waits for Matt to come home for their romantic dinner. She hears a knock at the door and is surprised to find the Black Widow carrying a bleeding Daredevil.
Back in Queens, General Tskarov and Davidoff (see last issue) watch the shooting of Daredevil on T.V. and Davidoff mentions that he and the Widow have a past and she could be valuable to them. The General tells Davidoff to get her.
Matt awakes from a nightmare about the Widow and finds Karen bandaging his wound. Matt is left wondering how far the Widow has fallen. Karen tells Matt to take the rest of the night off. The bullet didn't do serious damage.
The Widow is perched on her apartment's balcony and she thinks about how and why she shot Matt. Omega Red escaped last issue. A car pulls up and out comes Davidoff. The Widow goes with him. She had called him.
Back at the apartment, Matt starts to dress in costume. Karen, of course, objects to this and demands Matt goes to the hospital with her. He wants to go and find the Widow. Matt walks out on her.
Daredevil checks out the Widow's apartment and sneaks a look to see who is inside. He finds S.H.I.E.L.D. agents discussing the Widow. DD figures out that the Widow is headed for Brighton Beach, Queens. He decides to take a cab there, since his arm is in a sling.
In Queens, General Tskarov is holding Darkstar prisoner in the basement of the shop. Upstairs, the Widow meets the General as Davidoff does the introductions. The Widow wants to get down to business. The General wants to talk about Daredevil.
Daredevil is dropped off in Queens, and tries to track down the Widow. His senses pick up her trail to the shop. He makes his way into the back and finds himself face to face with a giant bear. He then notices it's a talking bear. Someone else joins the fray and he has a hammer and sickel. The bear hugs DD and slowly DD loses consciousness.
The Widow and the General continue their discussion. The Widow talks about the 'death' of Daredevil and how it was unfortunate, but every war has its collateral damage. Then, Ursa Major and Vanguard are introduced to the Widow, with the unconscious DD held in Ursa Major's hand. The Widow's plan slowly crumbles...
DD is smacked awake by the Widow. Both are held prisoner. The Widow's arms are restrained, but she is able to touch her fingers. She puts up an 'argument' with DD, but DD notices that she is also using morse code by tapping her fingers together. She explains in her code, that she has been working with S.H.I.E.L.D.. The avenging avenger attitude was a ruse to get into the underground. And mainly to General Tskarov. The two continue their fake discussion while the Widow explains things about a powerful weapon and the agents involved. She also explains the shooting. It was an old KGB trick to fake the enemy into believing that the partner has turned allegiances.
The General and Davidoff turn their attention to Darkstar. The General wants her to be one of her soldiers.

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