Daredevil #372

Title:"Devil and the Demon!"
Writer:Joe Kelly
Penciler:Ariel Olivetti
Inker:Pier Brito
Cover:Ariel Olivetti
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's KF
Editor:Jaye Gardner
Assistant Editor:Dan Hosek
Date:Feb. 1998
Cover Price:1.99,2.80


Charles Borroughs
Ghost Rider II
Ian Hunter (WFSK)
Judge Chalmers
Karen Page
Kathy Malper
Marissa Dwyer
Matt Murdock
Patrick Hinds (WFSK)
Rosalind Sharpe

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Daredevil #373

Ariel Olivetti
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Joe Kelly
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Pier Brito
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Issue Summary

On Riker's Island, Kathy Malpher is trying to get past a guard who is blocking her way into a cell/room. After some threats, the guard finally opens the door for her. He is afraid of the consequences of him opening this door. No one was supposed to know about this. The room is still bloody. A '3' is still scrawled on the wall. Several men are trying to clean up the room. Malpher demands to know who is involved in the cover-up.
Daredevil and Karen take a helicopter ride to WFSK and the two enter the building from the roof. Karen has her old job back by way of Rosalind. Matt changes into his normal clothes and they enter Karen's office. She finds roses and she thinks they are from Matt. They're from Rosalind.
Matt gets back to his office and finds out that Rosalind wants him to be the attorney on the WFSK case. They are going to fight to keep the station 'alive' against the protests of the city.
Charles, the mysterious '3' from last issue is in Marissa's (Candace's friend) apartment, and it's evident that he's killed her. He calls up his boss and awaits instructions.
Meanwhile, Danny Ketch (Ghost Rider) is in town on a 'day off'. Unfortunately, that voice inside him tells him that Ghost Rider is needed.
Matt is in an elevator, on his way to see Kathy Malpher. He has to discuss the motion of closing WFSK with her. The two meet in the elevator, and he overhears a conversation on her cell phone. Malpher is talking with a judge who is denying her the right to talk with the warden of Riker's Island. They are talking about inmates who may have escaped. Matt's interest is heightened as he realizes they are talking about the riot. But he thought everyone was accounted for. The judge wants Malpher to drop her investigation. Malpher leaves the elevator. Matt wonders if there is a cover-up.
Back in the judge's chamber, we see that the judge has been 'forced' to say the things he said...
At WFSK, Karen meets her co-workers. She also meets her boss, Ian Hunter. Karen seems to like him a bit too much.
DD shows up at Malpher's window and they quickly turn to discussing the riot at Riker's. Malpher is convinced that someone escaped and some city officials are in on it. The two decide to visit the warden.
Daredevil makes his way to the warden's house only to find that Ghost Rider is already there. DD tries to save the warden from GR's stare. The warden runs out of the building. He forces someone to drive him away.
GR tells DD that he (DD) is responsible for the awakening of this evil in New York. GR gets on his motorcyble to chase after the warden. DD follows on a motorcycle as well.
GR has caught up to the warden and his stare quickly ends the warden's ability to use his brain. DD catches up and GR applies the same technique to DD. But GR hesitates and says he's had enough of spilling innocent blood today. He keeps telling DD that the evil coming is his responsibility.
Back at WFSK, Karen is taking calls when she gets a call from someone who says he wants to eat her heart. Karen shrugs it off.
It was '3' who called. Karen's going to be his next victim.

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