Daredevil #371

Writer:Joe Kelly
Penciler:Ariel Olivetti
Inker:Pier Brito
Cover:Ariel Olivetti
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's KF
Editor:Jaye Gardner
Assistant Editor:Dan Hosek
Date:Jan. 1998
Cover Price:1.99,2.80


Black Widow
Candace Nelson
Cecilia Reyes
Charles Borroughs
Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
Marissa Dwyer
Matt Murdock
Rosalind Sharpe
X-Man (Nate Grey)

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Ariel Olivetti
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Joe Kelly
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Pier Brito
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Issue Summary

Matt is in the Mother of Mercy Hospital and he's getting his wounds taken care of by Cecelia Reyes (X-Men). Matt doesn't have his mask on, but the doctor doesn't care. She tries to give some advice to him. She gives some dead man's clothes to Matt so he can walk out of the hospital without drawing attention.
A hungover Karen makes her way to Rosalind's apartment and Ms. Sharpe is surprised to find her at her door. She invites Karen in.
Matt sits outside the hospital, waiting for Foggy to pick him up. He talks with a man who is discussing the heroes who have returned (Captain America, Iron Man et al). Foggy arrives and calls out 'Matt' but then corrects it to 'Mike' in a reference to the Mike Murdock storyline a long, long time ago. Matt doesn't want anyone to know that he has been at the hospital. He's upset when he 'sees' that Foggy brought a limo to pick him up in the South Bronx. In the limo, Foggy talks about the crazy events of last night with Liz. He talks about Karen's phone call to him as well. Matt tries to convince Foggy that there is nothing going on between the Widow and himself. A hand comes from above and the two find the Widow on the roof of the limo.
Meanwhile, two women have just arrived in New York on a bus...and they are in a partying mood...
Rosalind and Karen are on a shopping spree, buying jewellery on Matt's account. Rosalind is doing her best to remind her that Matt stood her up. Karen decides she needs more jewellery.
High atop a construction site, Matt sits with the Black Widow. They talk about last issue's developments. Tskarov is finished and the others have been reunited. And the Avengers are back. Then they talk about the kiss from last issue. Matt tries to bring up Karen, and the Widow understands. They still have feelings for each other, and that's enough for her. She leaves Matt to wonder and she leaves.
Foggy returns to his apartment to find his sister, Candace, with a lot of other people, partying.
Matt makes his way home and takes a shower. He finds his stuff his still in the apartment, so he hasn't been kicked out. He hears someone's cry for help and dons his costume...
Rosalind and Karen are still shopping but Karen decides she better deal with it and talk with Matt face to face. Plus, she's maxxed out his cards. The two women gain a mutual respect for each other.
DD finds a married couple fighting over dirty magazines and the two notice DD peering in through their window... DD wants to talk with them...
Karen returns home to find roses on the table and the window open.
DD's discussion with the married couple isn't working out.
Foggy does his best to get everyone out of his apartment. His sister isn't too impressed with him.
Candace's friend leaves the party and meets a man outside who has the number '3' on one of his front teeth. DD returns to his apartment and brings a cake with him. He comes in through the window. He finds Karen sitting in a chair. She demands he take off his mask. She begins to outline some demands in their relationship. But she forgives him. The two make up. A phone call interrupts them. It's Rosalind. She tells the answering machine that WFSK has reopened and Karen has her job back.
Outside a dance club, Nate Grey (X-Man) notices some weird telepathic interference coming from someone. It's the guy with the '3' on his tooth. He and Candace's friend are walking by. She invites the guy over to her place. The guy smiles again in a 'serial killer' kind of way.
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