Daredevil #365

Title:"A Question Of Trust"
Writer:Joe Kelly
Penciler:Cary Nord
Inker:Matt Ryan
Cover:Gene Colan
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's KF
Editor:Jaye Gardner
Assistant Editor:Dan Hosek
Date:June 1997
Cover Price:1.95,2.75


Foggy Nelson
Liz Osborn
Matt Murdock
Molten Man
Mr. Fear (Lawrence Cranston)
Rosalind Sharpe
Sunny Sitka
Vincent Grazia

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Cary Nord
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Issue Summary

This issue by new writer Joe Kelly begins at Osborn Chemicals. Mark Raxton (a.k.a. Molten Man) is preparing for a board meeting, with his assistant Vin (who happens to be an ex-con, just like Raxton). The two talk about respect, and how nobody believed in Raxton, except DD and Vin (see recent issues). Raxton decides to promote Vin because of his loyalty. Raxton leaves for the meeting. Vin sits in his chair, dumb-founded by this news. He doesn't notice the hand reaching for his neck.
The scene switches to Daredevil, trying to rescue some garbagemen who have fallen with their truck into a collapsed street. A broken water main gushes, and the men are seconds away from falling even further down. DD rescues one and then has to rush back to get the other man just as the truck is about to fall.
Back at the law offices, Sharpe is wondering aloud as to the whereabouts of Matt. Foggy tries to make some silly excuses for his friend. He even tries to cover for him, but Sharpe says only Matt can take this client. Foggy doesn't understand until Liz Osborn comes into the office. She isn't too pleasant to Foggy (see Foggy's adventures from recent issues with Niomi Brinke). Foggy had been trying to phone Liz, but Liz says she has been purposely not answering her phone. She hopes Foggy is not her legal support for today. Foggy tries to explain about what happened at the club, but Liz brushes him aside. He pleads again, but then Sharpe is reminded that a package came for Foggy from Brinke. Sunny retrieves the package and it is a dozen roses. Liz is obviously not impressed by this and is about to storm out when Matt comes in. She leads Matt out as Foggy is left wondering about the roses.
The meeting at Osborn Chemicals is about to begin as Raxton waits for his step-sister to show up. He pats Vin on the shoulder and asks him what is bothering him. Vin says he may be a little ill. Strange gas starts pouring out of Vin's briefcase on the floor.
In the Osborn lobby, Liz and Matt talk about Sharpe and Foggy. Matt notices the sound of breaking glass from a few floors above, and he hears Raxton yelling. Matt tries to make Liz hurry to the meeting.
The meeting has turned to a shouting match as Raxton believes everyone is against him. He is about to punch one of the board members when Matt and Liz enter the room. Matt can smell the fear gas in the room. Security is called to the board room.
As the security men rush to the board room, Mr. Fear emerges from the shadows with his goons...
Security arrives and proceed to shoot at Raxton. Matt pretends to be clumsy and Liz pushes him into a closet so he'll be safe. In the darkness of the closet, Matt does his Superman impersonation and rips his shirt apart to change to Daredevil.
Raxton continues to fight with the security men as DD discovers that Mr. Fear is loading barrels into a truck. Could this be the same stuff Insomnia and the Grey Gargoyle were after? Raxton is about to attack his step-sister when DD comes crashing through the roof. Everyone in the room is acting strange because of the gas. DD forces the security men out of the room. Raxton tries to smack DD with a table but he hits the window too, sending DD flying out. The effect of the gas wears out and Raxton wonders what is going on. He helps DD up from the ledge. Vin is still sitting in his chair, pleading for forgiveness. Williams, the lead board member, has to be told by DD that Mr. Fear used the gas to divert security away from the plant. Security finally breaks back into the room and are told to check on the plant. Williams tells them to arrest Vin. Raxton talks with Vin and can't believe Vin was the cause of the diversion. Vin says he brought the briefcase voluntarily into the room. DD hears Vin's heartbeat change. He's lying. So why is he lying for Mr. Fear?
The issue ends as Mr. Fear stands among the barrels that he has stolen. His plan is going well. "All that remains is to close the noose around the devil's neck and squeeze" he says as he holds DD's billy club firmly in his hand.
Next issue, Gene Colan takes over as penciler. It is also the 'Flashback' issue.

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