Daredevil #83

Title:"The Widow Accused!"
Writer:Gerry Conway
Penciler:Barry Windsor-Smith/Alan Weiss
Inker:Bill Everett
Cover:John Romita Sr./Bill Everett
Letters:Artie Simek
Editor:Stan Lee
Assistant Editor:None
Date:Jan. 1972
Cover Price:0.20


Black Widow
Foggy Nelson
Frank Blondel
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Mr. Hyde
Phil Hichok

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Daredevil #84

Alan Weiss
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Barry Windsor-Smith
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Bill Everett
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Gerry Conway
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Issue Summary

Summary by Eric Shaw

"The Scorpion is Dead!" So the opening line reads and we're treated to an anonymous crack pointing out the Black Widow as the perp who knocked the Scorpion off the World Trade Center. She ponders if her curse really exists and then before she is taken into custody, bolts! DD gives chase and they tussle on the roof tops. He tries to reason with her that they are equally responsible for Scorpy's demise. But she knocks him on his red butt and the chase is on again. Finally Daredevil subdues her but not before he regrets being true to justice and their potential relationship floundering. He promises to speak to the D.A. on her behalf and then swings on. Meanwhile in an ambulance carrying the Scorpion, Mr. Hyde emerges from the rear and incapacitates the crew!

Back at Matt's Sutton Place apartment, he finds Ivan still recovering from the Scorpion's attack. Ivan goes berserk when told by blind Matt Murdock that the Widow has been arrested. He eventually calms down and Matt regains his composure too. The next day at Foggy's office Matt finds the D.A. out for vigilante blood and Matt declares that he is on the defendants side! Foggy calls The Assassin and learns that the plan has been all along to be on the opposite side as Matt. We then turn to the Widow in police custody as Matt makes a visit as her lawyer. He gives the old line of being a friend of Daredevil's and that defending her is a favor. She feels being Russian will incriminate her but Matt promises her that he won't let anything happen to her.

The final member of the show checks in as Karen and Phil share no words but are each involved in their own thoughts. Their hands meet in a cab and we're transported two weeks in the future to the Widow's trial. Foggy brings multiple witnesses to the stand and Matt is left reeling. He decides to go check out the Scorpion's supposed corpse. Unfortunately he runs into Mr. Hyde at the morgue instead. A grand mix up occurs as Mr. Hyde employs explosives in an attempt to rub DD out. In a final tremendous explosion Mr. Hyde makes off and Scorpy is apparently destroyed. Ol' Horn Head is, "Freaked if I can figure out why!"

The next day Matt has convinced Foggy to dismiss the case since the Scorpions body has been destroyed. Foggy agrees and Matt lectures the jury on being involved in a persecution. The Widow thanks Matt with a deep hug and a farewell that he holds onto as our story and heroine fade out.


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