Daredevil #294

Title:"The Infernal Mysteries"
Writer:D.G. Chichester
Penciler:Lee Weeks
Inker:Al Williamson
Cover:Lee Weeks
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Jack Morelli
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Michael Heisler
Date:July 1991
Cover Price:1.00,1.25


Ben Urich
Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Peter Scott (WFET)
The Hand
Typhoid Mary

Daredevil #293

Daredevil #295

Al Williamson
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Issue Summary

Summary by Kevin Hollander

The Hand purchases an abandoned Gothic-styled nightclub in which to conduct their business. Their real estate agent becomes the first sacrifice to The Beast, the demonic entity that they worship. Their Jonin promises that more sacrifices are to come.

The next morning Matt has an early meeting with Foggy to discuss the pros and cons of their "MacBreakfast" as well as their appeal to restore Matt's law license (he was disbarred in #227). While Foggy is alternating between the two topics, Matt's hypersenses detect the presence of Karen Page. Matt excuses himself and makes his way toward her, ignoring all other input from his sonar. This nearly kills him as he walks across the street, oblivious to the oncoming traffic. He snaps out of his trance and leaps on the roof of the taxi about to run him over. From this point he uses his acrobatic skills to leap from vehicle to vehicle until he reaches the other side. This display draws a crowd, something Matt didn't want or need. He begins rambling incoherently to scare away his "admirers".

Karen and her friend Joyce are passing out anti-pornography materials. One sleazy individual is making crude comments to her about her past in the industry she's trying to eliminate. Matt trips up the "fan", making it seem as if another person was responsible. The "fan" begins to chase after his assailant, never to be seen again.

Karen sends Joyce uptown to distribute some materials while she talks to Matt. Matt tries to apologize for the way things ended between them. He tells her he was manipulated by Typhoid Mary (issue #263). He explains that part of her powers affected his mind, making him think he loved Typhoid when that wasn't the case. Karen isn't interested in his excuses. She expected Matt to help keep her grounded, but he failed. It is suggested (but never explicitly stated) that she temporarily regressed back to her old habits. She says that he has a long way to go before he means anything to her -- if ever.

At the FISK television studio, news anchorman Peter Scott grossly oversteps his bounds with Wilson Fisk. Since Scott does not know he works for the "Kingpin", Fisk decides on a more indirect penalty for his insubordination. He orders that Scott's son temporarily lose the use of his legs.

Daredevil sits on the ledge outside the office of Commissioner Christine Harris. He's listening in on her interview with Ben Urich following her assassination attempt by Tombstone (in issue #293). Both Daredevil and Urich hope to find a link between the victims, but come up short as Harris has no additional information.

After Urich leaves, Daredevil sits on the ledge and begins speculating why Tombstone and Taskmaster would participate in this type of contest. Then he detects a quick rise in Harris' heartbeat. Scanning the room, he realizes it is empty and her heartbeat is coming from above, and slowing down quickly. Using his billy club, he swings to the roof and comes face-to-face with members of The Hand. While two of their number escape with Harris, the rest keep Daredevil occupied. When any member of The Hand is defeated, they turn into vapor. These vapors make their way toward a new member of their group Izanami, who absorbs the fallen ninja. When she is the only one remaining, she disappears into the night.

Daredevil follows Harris' heartbeat to an enclosed children's playground topped with barbed wire where he overhears The Hand's Jonin state that she "is only the first". At one point, he is noticed by one of the dozen or more ninja who point him out to his master. The Jonin tells Daredevil that it is time for him to die for his past transgressions.

As Daredevil dives toward the waiting ninja, he hopes that he's correct about the sound of the engine that is fast approaching -- or he's a dead man.

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