Daredevil #1

Title :"Guardian Devil Part One: ...And A Small Child Shall Lead Them All"
Writer:Kevin Smith
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti
Colours:Brian Haberlin Studios' Dan Kemp
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Liz Agraphiotis
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:None
Cover Price:2.50,3.50


Foggy Nelson
Karen (baby)
Kim (receptionist)
Lydia McKenzie
Matt Murdock
Mr. Gabriel
Murphy Brothers
Nicholas Macabes
Rosalind Sharpe

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Daredevil #2

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Issue Summary

A new era begins as Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti launch their vision of DD under the Marvel Knights banner. So, here goes the summary...

The issue begins with a letter from Karen to Matt. Basically she says she is leaving Matt and moving to LA to work at a radio station. That was 6 months ago, apparently. Matt doesn't look like he's taking it very well.

At a hospital, two men leave the maternity ward. A red glow can be seen coming from the room they just exited. A nurse goes into the room a bit later and the glow starts up again. She screams 'Oh my god!' but we don't see what's happened.

Switch to scene with Gwyneth, a teen who is running away from a car chasing her. She is carrying a child in her arms. The child is hers and her parents weren't exactly supportive of her pregnancy. However, this morning she awoke to find two men had killed her parents. She's been on the run ever since.

Switch to Matt at a church confessional. He talks about Karen and God, but then he hears the chase happening outside with Gwyneth. He vacates the confessional, leaving the priest to talk to himself. Matt gets into costume.

The two men in the car almost reach Gwyneth, when DD smashes his hand through the windshield and makes the car crash into a hydrant. We are told that DD now has steel fibers in his costume, designed by Reed Richards. The men are knocked out cold, but Gwyneth disappears from the scene, leaving DD to deal with the police.

Later, Matt is sitting at his desk at the office, thinking about Karen. He starts to think of the Black Widow, and calls her, but the call is interrupted by Foggy and a client. Foggy is representing Lydia McKenzie in a divorce case. Just as Lydia goes into details about her case, Matt picks up on Gwyneth's heartbeat outside. Matt leaves the office but can't pick up on the trail again.

Switch to unknown location. The two injured men from the car somehow got away from the police (and DD?) and are standing before a mystery man with a cane and a Mr. Gabriel. They are part of some organization that was to eliminate Gwyneth and the baby. With DD involved, the man with the cane says he has to get involved now. The two injured men are sent away, but somehow die by drowning in the elevator when water starts pouring in from the ceiling.

DD continues to look for Gwyneth at night, and he's still thinking of Karen. He stops a mugger and starts thinking about God in the grand scheme of things because of his situation as a hero.

We find Gwyneth in an alleyway, still huddled with the baby. She looks up and sees a vision and says 'Thank you lord.'

At the office, Foggy talks about the McKenzie case with Matt. Her ex-husband had her sterilized without her knowledge (how does THAT happen?). Foggy seems to be a little too interested in Lydia. Then Matt hears Gwyneth's heartbeat again and rushes outside the office. He finds Gwyneth and the baby in the lobby. Matt ushers them into his office while pushing Foggy out.

Twenty minutes later, we find out that she is 15 years old and she doesn't know how she became pregnant, since she's never been with anyone. She also talks about the murder of her parents. She then says Matt is supposed to protect the baby and she knows Matt is Daredevil because the angels told her. Gwyneth believes the baby is the saviour and Matt must shield the baby from the men who were chasing her. She gives Matt the baby and she disappears out of the office...


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