Daredevil #9

Title :"Parts of a Hole Part One: Murdock's Law"
Writer:David Mack
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover:David Mack
Colours:Richard Isanove
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Rich & Liz Agraphiotis
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:Kelly Lamy
Cover Price:2.50,3.75


Black Widow
Echo (Maya Lopez)
Lenny Cebulski
Matt Murdock
Murphy Brothers

Daredevil #8

Daredevil #10

David Mack
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Jimmy Palmiotti
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Joe Quesada
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Issue Summary

David Mack begins his arc for the Marvel Knights with this issue, and his influence is seen with layouts and design.
The issue's first page is presented all in text, as Matt explains how having his hypersenses doesn't exactly help him fall asleep at night. Every little noise is bothering him. But most of all, his bedsheets still smell like Karen...

Matt goes in and out of dreaming, as he concentrates on his job, Karen, and his dual life as Matt and DD. Yet, the main thing he remembers about his dream are angels...

It's the morning, and Matt is sitting by his piano. The window is open and the smell of the day is reminding him of past events which he can't place in his mind. Matt plays his piano to get some order when he finds his world in chaos. He plays 'Give Me Just A Little More Time'. He explains (to the reader) that music is the closest thing to seeing, and every chord has colour. He plays off notes and explains what it means to him. As he's playing, he knows someone is at his window.

The Black Widow is there, and she knows Matt only plays his piano when something is bugging him. So she asks if it's Karen. Matt responds by saying everything in the apartment reminds him of Karen. He expects her to be walking in the room, sometimes. The Widow leaves, telling Matt that she is there if Matt needs to talk. Matt continues to play his piano.

Matt goes to his gym and does some work on the punching bag. He thinks about the events of the past few weeks. He and Foggy are rebuilding Nelson and Murdock, with the help of the inheritance money. They are moving in today.

Switch to a woman playing at her piano. Her name is Maya Lopez, and she's deaf. Her father was killed when she was young, and she went to a school for children with disabilities. One day she watched as someone played the piano in class. She copied the finger movements and duplicated the song in its entirety. That's when she was moved to a school for prodigies. She can recreate any complex physical action, so her speech is not slurred. She can read lips. She's at a performance this night, and she's feeling the wave of applause for her. She concentrates on a single vibration from the audience, which is distinct from the rest. It's the Kingpin, pounding his massive hands together in applause.

At the new offices, Matt and Foggy have just moved in, when someone runs in. He smears Matt's newly painted name on the door. His name is Lenny and he has a bad toupee, hemorrhoids (Matt can smell the ointment), and a speech impediment. Only Matt can understand what Lenny is saying. Foggy doesn't have a clue. Lenny has a contract on his life because he knows something about the Kingpin. He wants protection. Matt promises.

However, someone is across the street and is focusing their sights on Matt with a rifle.

Matt suddenly realizes that a bullet is fast approaching the window. He just gets out of the way, and the bullet scrapes his cheek. But Lenny can't get out of the way. Matt is stumbling on the floor and Foggy hides under the piano. Matt hears someone use his cellphone across the street. He changes into his DD costume.

Maya Lopez is in the boxing ring. She knocks out a male opponent with moves she's learned from Ali, Leonard and de la Hoya. Once again, she hears a distinctive sound from the applause. The Kingpin is watching her here too.

Matt uses some duct tape to keep his new wound together on his face. In costume, he locks in on a scent. But he's puzzled that his foe doesn't have his gun. DD descends on the guy, as the villain is phoning his boss (who we don't see) that the job is done. The person on the other end of the phone is distressed that Matt Murdock is involved. DD drops down on the guy. On a side note, the villain speaks only with 'proverbs' or common cliches, like 'Dead as a doornail' or 'A stitch in time, saves nine.' DD begins his fight, but the guy produces two guns from his sleeves. DD counts the number of bullets expended, as he dodges them. As the gun empties, DD punches him out.

While this is happening, Maya Lopez visits with the Kingpin in his office. She says she was pleased to see him in the audience. Kingpin says he prefers the piano playing to the boxing. He thinks any kind of violence makes him uncomfortable.

Just as DD gets through with the villain, a shotgun blast comes from behind him. It's the shooter. He's not the guy who was on the phone. DD realizes he is dealing with twins. This new guy speaks the exact same way as his brother. DD quickly sends a well thrown billy-club through the air and knocks out this guy.

DD picks up the phone that the guy dropped. He punches the recall key. The Kingpin picks it up. DD says 'I know it's you. I'll take this to court.' The Kingpin knows he must react to this quickly before it gets out of hand. He puts the receiver down without saying anything. He comes up with a plan. Before, he took something away from him and DD found his strength. This time, he'll give him something to prove his weakness. Matt's weakness is women. So, the Kingpin will give him a new love interest to destroy him. He asks Maya Lopez for a favour...


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