Daredevil #5

Title :"Guardian Devil Part Five: Devil's Despair"
Writer:Kevin Smith
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti
Colours:Richard Isanove
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Dave Lanphear
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:None
Cover Price:2.50,3.75


Dr. Strange
Karen (baby)
Karen Page
Sister Maggie
Sister Theresa

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Daredevil #6

Jimmy Palmiotti
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Joe Quesada
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Kevin Smith
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Issue Summary

Daredevil has met with Dr. Strange to find out if the cross given to him by Macabes has any supernatural elements. Strange informs DD that there is a drug in the cross, which has no colour or taste. He also says the child is not the saviour. DD starts getting paranoid again like past issues and attempts to hit Strange over the head with his billy club. Strange casts a spell and removes the drug from DD's bloodstream. It's revealed that the drug is time-released... whenever someone suggests the child's innocence. So DD is still wondering who is behind his recent problems. Strange suggests that he could invoke a demon.

Elsewhere, Karen Page is thinking about her life, with Matt and without Matt. She realizes she needs Matt more than ever. As she walks in the park, we see a newspaper article about 'John Curtain found murdered in Hollywood'. There's a picture of Mr. Macabes.

Back at Strange's house, DD is given nose plugs and is told not to address the demon. Any kind of interaction could free the demon from its binding circle. Strange summons the demon with a long dead tongue. The demon who arrives is Mephisto. Mephisto can't see them, but he knows it is Strange who is questioning him. Mephisto also knows someone else is there with Strange. Strange asks Mephisto if the child is the saviour. Mephisto laughs and says how could the child be the saviour, when the saviour has to be a man, according to the Bible. He also lets it slip that he knows DD is there. Strange gets anxious and attempts to close the portal. DD screams at Mephisto to tell him who is behind it. Mephisto drops clues about a 'third rater's scheme' and how 'sooner or later, every son lets his mother down.' Strange closes the portal, but DD runs out to check on his mother, Sister Maggie.

At the church, DD finds many people dead. Maggie is on the floor, semi-concious. Bullseye emerges from the shadows and attacks. DD smashes out Bullseye's two front teeth. The two teeth are used as projectiles by Bullseye. DD blocks them with his billy club. Bullseye gets impatient and pulls out a gun and shoots DD right throught the shoulder. DD goes down.

Karen emerges from the church pews where she was hiding and asks Maggie where the child is. Bullseye screams for the child and keeps on hitting DD with DD's billy club. Karen gets up with the baby in her arms. The baby is wrapped in a blanket. She wants to trade the child for DD's life. Bullseye finds out the baby is just the statue of Jesus. He smacks Karen to the floor with the fake baby. The real baby screams from Maggie's arms. Meanwhile, Karen sees the discarded gun on the floor. Bullseye takes the baby and is about to kill it when Karen points the gun at him. She puts it right against Bullseye's head and fires. No bullets. Bullseye says Karen has guts so he won't kill her. He heads out with the baby. But then he says 'where are my manners' and throws the billy club right at Karen. It hits her in the chest. DD hears her die in his arms.


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