Daredevil #357

Title:"Crime and Punishment"
Writer:Karl Kesel
Penciler:Cary Nord
Inker:Matt Ryan
Cover:Cary Nord/Matt Ryan
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele/Ian Laughlin/American Color
Letters:Michael Higgins
Editor:James Felder
Assistant Editor:Paul Tutrone
Date:Oct. 1996
Cover Price:1.50,2.10


Dom (WFSK)
Fancy Dan
Foggy Nelson
Hammer Harrison
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Misty Knight
Mr. Hyde
Renny (WFSK)
Rosalind Sharpe
Snake Marston

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Cary Nord
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Karl Kesel
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Matt Ryan
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Issue Summary

Here's my 'brief' overview of the issue...
-Foggy and Hyde are in court, and the trial begins with Matt absent...Hyde is not too pleased obviously
-DD/Matt is chained to a wall takes a beating from all the Enforcers
-Foggy tries desperately to defend Hyde in court but things are not going well
-Karen comes home from her mystery job, and tries to get some sleep. She thinks to herself about what Matt is going to say about 'Paige Angel'...so what is Karen up to???
-After getting beaten unconcious, DD awakes and is confronted by the Eel, and the Eel does the convenient thing by telling DD all about what happened with him and Hyde. Eel had been disguised as Snake Marston...
-Eel continues to spout all his plans, and how he is making fools of the Enforcers he has under his command
-Of course, DD knows all the Enforcers are listening to this in a tunnel behind the Eel, and they are not too pleased...
-The Ox runs at the Eel, but misses and rips the chains off of DD by accident.
-go back to the court, and it's an intermission. Sharpe is angry and wants Foggy and herself to place all the blame on Matt for this fiasco. Moments earlier she had ripped a chocolate bar from Foggy's hand, and told him he shouldn't be eating those things...just like a mother would do...hmmm... :)
-back to DD's situation...the Enforcers continue to try and get at the Eel, but none have any effect on him. The Eel runs away to escape, but DD is still chained by one arm to the wall.
-Misty Knight appears and uses her bionic arm to rip the chain off of the wall and DD chases after the Eel, leaving Misty with all the Enforcers unconcious on the ground.
-DD captures the Eel after slamming him into some sewer pipes
-back to the court, Foggy begins the cross-examination, and is about to showcase some courage by beginning the defense on his own, when...
-DD walks into the court with the Eel draped over his shoulder. He tells the court the Eel has something to say about the Angela Parish murder
-Later, the victorious lawyers celebrate. Matt explains his absence by claiming he was mugged.
-Hyde is released from jail and begins to roam the streets again, looking for trouble...
-He is about to attack two people out on a stroll when DD jumps in front of him and tells him he will be watching out for Hyde.
-The two people are the same couple from issue #353... the two who had made a promise to DD...that promise is that whenever they or anyone they know sees Hyde, they will call the law firm of Sharpe, Nelson and Murdock
-Hyde growls and turns away before getting a karate chop from DD like in issue #353...
-And finally, we see what Karen is really doing at her job...she has a night radio program as 'Paige Angel' and her producers talk to themselves about 'Paige's' past...However, after they say the 'Big Man's gonna be pleased, real pleased', we see where she is working. She's working at WFSK. She's working for the Kingpin...

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