Daredevil #361

Title:"...Unfinished Business"
Writer:Karl Kesel
Penciler:Cary Nord
Inker:Matt Ryan
Cover:Cary Nord/Matt Ryan
Colours:Kevin Tinsley/American Color
Letters:Michael Higgins
Editor:James Felder
Assistant Editor:Paul Tutrone
Date:Feb. 1997
Cover Price:1.50,2.10


Black Widow
Dom (WFSK)
Foggy Nelson
Grey Gargoyle
Karen Page
Kathleen Rond (WFSK)
Matt Murdock
Molten Man
Renny (WFSK)
Rosalind Sharpe
Sunny Sitka

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Cary Nord
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Karl Kesel
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Matt Ryan
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Issue Summary

Daredevil is 'commuting' across the rooftops of New York with his briefcase in hand. What he's planning on doing is to surprise Karen at her job.
It's morning and Karen's radio show is just ending. Dom and Renny (the two guys at WFSK) talk to each other about how well Karen is doing. However, they hope she can handle the plans their boss has for her. Their boss of course is the Kingpin (but we're not supposed to know that...). Dom is making a trip to the coffee machine when Matt comes out of the storage room and bumps into Dom. Matt puts on his blind act and says he was looking to surprise his girlfriend. Karen shows up and everyone is introduced. When Matt tells the guys that he is lawyer, he can hear their hearts racing. They don't like the fact he is a lawyer, and their boss isn't going to like it either.
Karen and Matt take a carriage ride and discuss how Matt engineered his costume change in the storage room. They reach their destination, and meet with Foggy. Several news reporters show up and interview Foggy about Daredevil. Sharpe shows up and a causes a stir with her anti-mutant talk.
In the office, Foggy has a guest. He thinks it is Liz Osborn, but in his office is the Molten Man (who just happens to be Liz's step-brother). Since Foggy is tight with Daredevil, MM figures DD could clear his name since there have been several robberies at Osborn Chemicals.
So 15 hours later, DD takes a little trip to Osborn Chemicals and finds the Grey Gargoyle stealing some chemicals. But then another voice is heard, and the Black Widow appears and tries to stop the Gargoyle. The Widow seems to get into some trouble and DD swoops down and pulls her away from some falling debris. BW realizes who has saved her and plants a punch to DD's stomach. She wants Matt to stay out of her life. She runs away while DD wonders what the heck is going on. So we join the fight with the Widow and Grey Gargoyle and she's faring badly. DD turns out the lights and launches his billy club at the concrete switch. Concrete pours down and completely covers the Gargoyle. However, DD has his foot caught in it too. The Widow turns on the lights again. DD and BW have a little discussion of whether some air holes should be made so the Gargoyle can breathe. The Widow doesn't seem to care. She's on a mission to avenge the death of her Avengers. BW finally blasts a hole for the Gargoyle to breathe and walks away from DD. She wants to complete her mission on her own.
After the cops take the Gargoyle and free DD, Matt returns to the office and opens the door. A dog climbs up to Matt's chest and Foggy tells Matt that this is Matt's new seeing-eye dog. The dog could also help DD fight crime. Introducing 'Deuce the Devil Dog!'. Matt can't believe it and neither can Sharpe who comes walking in. Matt tries to convince her that DD gave the dog to Foggy. Sharpe leaves and Foggy tries to tell Matt that the dog was a way to make up for the lousy way he has been treating Matt.
Next Issue - Secrets from Razor Sharpe's past!

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