Daredevil #356

Title:"Burden Of Proof"
Writer:Karl Kesel
Penciler:Cary Nord/Sal Buscema/Rick Leonardi
Inker:Matt Ryan
Cover:Cary Nord/Matt Ryan
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele/American Color
Letters:Michael Higgins
Editor:James Felder
Assistant Editor:Joe Andreani
Date:Sept. 1996
Cover Price:1.50,2.10


Foggy Nelson
Hammer Harrison
Karen Page
Liz Osborn
Matt Murdock
Misty Knight
Mr. Hyde
Rosalind Sharpe
Snake Marston
Sunny Sitka

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Cary Nord
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Karl Kesel
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Issue Summary

Present: DD has a gun held to his head by a mysterious person. How did he get into this situation? Glad you asked...
Past: At the federal prison, Matt and Foggy are discussing their case with Hyde. Matt informs Hyde that the court is also charging him with kidnapping Angela Parish. Hyde smashes a table to show his anger. He's also amused he is intimidating Foggy. Matt tries to explain to Hyde that Foggy is the second chair in the case and he is also a close friend of Daredevil. Hyde professes his hatred of DD and also his hatred of partners. He prefers to be accountable for his own actions. Hyde tells the two lawyers that they should check out a post office box #666, and in there they will find a hand-written letter from Angela Parish to himself. It's also registered mail and never opened. Hyde says that Angela had written to thank him for taking her off the streets and away from drugs. Hyde taunts Matt by asking him 'What kidnapping charges, counselor?'
Back at the new office, Matt and Foggy walk in on Karen trying to get past the new secretary 'Sunny' Sitka. Sitka won't let Karen in because she might be carrying an explosive to harm 'Razor' Sharpe. In fact, it's a gift for Matt, and Karen finally gets by Sitka with the help of Matt.
In Matt's office, Karen gives the gift to him, and it's an audio receiver. Matt is clearly surprised by the cost of it, and he asks Karen if she has found a good job. Karen dances around the question by just saying there is something, but she needs a few days and then she'll discuss it with him...
Ms. Sharpe walks in on the two hugging and the two women meet. However, Sharpe knows all about Karen's past, since she has done a background check on her new partners. Sharpe admires Karen for taking back her own life. Sharpe and Matt leave soon thereafter to attend a meeting.
The meeting turns out to be with Liz Osborn (well, Liz Allen...) and everyone discusses how Hyde was found with Angela Parish in an Osborn warehouse. Ms. Osborn tells the group about her former husband and father-in-law, and how there is a new Green Goblin. Foggy exclaims that they should talk with Ben Urich about this, since he could be hiding something. Matt tries to calm Foggy down by asking Ms. Osborn if this new Goblin has a key to the warehouse. She explains that there are many secret entrances to all the warehouses. The meeting is interrupted by 'Sunny' Sitka. There is a telephone call from a woman claiming to be Foggy's mother. Foggy excuses himself and Sharpe tells Foggy to give his mother her best. She whispers to herself, '...not that she deserves it...'. (Hmmm....)
At this exact moment, one of the moving guys milling about the office attempts to kill Sharpe, but Matt 'accidently' falls and pushes Sharpe out of the way. Then a fruit basket comes hurtling down on the guy and he's knocked out. It turns out one of the firm's new neighbours is Misty Knight, and she was there to give the firm a gift in hopes of being employed as an investigator. Which leads us to...
Present: Misty Knight holds the gun to DD's head and asks what DD is doing in the warehouse. Sharpe had offered Knight the case to find out the secret entrances to the warehouse. DD finally gets the gun lowered from his head and the two convince each other to look for the entrances together. Later on, DD finds a manhole-like cover on the ground. He can't lift it, so Knight gives it a try. She needs someone to brace her, so DD holds her and the cover comes flying off. DD asks Knight about her bionic arm and she is obviously surprised that he knows about it. The two look down the tunnel and Knight says she cannot go any further because she would be breaking some law, so DD enters and tells Knight not to wait for him.
In the tunnel below, DD finds some silicon compound and wonders if Hyde's old partner Cobra is behind the killing. Six hours later, DD hears Karen's voice above and enters the room. In it he finds the Enforcers. Why had he heard Karen's voice though? So DD begins his fight with Ox, Snake Marston etc., and after a few pages DD claims he's only interested in finding Cobra. The villains all basically call DD an idiot and tell him Cobra has nothing to do with them. In the midst of all the yelling, someone appears from behind some crates and gives DD a very generous dose of electricity. DD collapses to the ground and our mysterious villain (well, if you didn't look at the cover) makes his appearance. The whole operation was being led by the Eel. And DD is in no shape to defend himself...

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