Daredevil #364

Title:"No Rest For The Wicked!"
Writer:Karl Kesel
Penciler:Cary Nord
Inker:Matt Ryan
Cover:Gene Colan
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele/American Color
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's KF
Editor:Jaye Gardner
Assistant Editor:Dan Hosek
Date:May 1997
Cover Price:1.95,2.75


Detective Danny Levin
Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Misty Knight
Mr. Fear (Lawrence Cranston)
Niomi Brinke
Rosalind Sharpe

Daredevil #363

Daredevil #365

Cary Nord
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Issue Summary

Continuing the story from last issue, DD smashes through a roof window of WFSK and is immediately attacked by Dom and Renny. They don't know it's DD... they just think it's some burglar. But they find out soon enough...
The scene changes to Karen, as she visits 'the owner's office' after her shift. She was told to go there after her show was done. The lights don't seem to work and Karen is about to leave when Insomnia finally speaks. She explains she isn't the real owner of the place. The 'Big Boss' hired Karen because she would be helpful in dealing with Daredevil. Karen runs out of the room yelling that 'I won't help him! Not him! Ever again!'. Insomnia chases after Karen.
We then go to Foggy, anxiously trying to get in touch with Liz. He's been calling all night. He's going to try and explain what Liz saw at the Luna Lounge between Foggy and Niomi Brinke. There is a knock on the door, and Foggy thinks it's Liz, but it's Sharpe. And she's brought along... Niomi Brinke. Brinke had been waiting outside Foggy's apartment because the stalker was at the Luna Lounge. The two women come into the apartment, and Sharpe wants Deuce the dog to leave. Foggy sends Deuce to the bedroom. Brinke wants Foggy to get in touch with Daredevil so he can protect her. Suddenly, the door is forced open and Brinke's boyfriend appears. He pulls out a gun...
Back at DD's situation, Dom and Renny have their guns knocked out of their hands by a well thrown billy-club. They threaten DD by telling him they have a hostage. DD smiles and lets Misty Knight introduce herself from behind them. Of course they didn't know anything about her bionic arm so she could free herself (see last issue as to 'why' she was a hostage). Dom and Renny are forced to explain what's going on. They say that Paige Angel's show was transmitting frequencies so the listeners would find it hard to sleep. The chemicals from last issue were some kind of nerve gas. Knight goes to check on Karen in the office and DD goes to deal with the transmitter on the roof.
And that's where we find Karen, trying to escape from Insomnia. Insomnia catches up and attacks. After pounding Karen with some punches, Insomnia decides to make things a bit more interesting...
We return to Foggy, as he tries to dodge the bullets aimed at him. He manages to open the bedroom door and out comes Deuce. The dog attacks and stops him. He is about to shoot Deuce when Foggy comes roaring from the other side of the room and flattens Brinke's boyfriend against the wall. Foggy knocks the gun out of the attacker's hand and 'apologizes' for hitting him so hard. Brinke's boyfriend thinks he has broken ribs.
In the meantime, Insomnia has tied Karen's hands together and has her dangling over the edge of the building. Insomnia says that she'll save Karen if she says what she knows about Daredevil. DD appears and plants a well placed punch. He also throws his billy-club at her, but she manages to catch it in flight. She jumps over the side of the building and takes Karen with her. DD jumps after them. Insomnia uses the billy-club to escape. DD 'catches up' to Karen and manages to make both of them fall into a swimming pool.
The police arrive at Foggy's apartment and the boyfriend is taken away. Brinke offers a dinner to 'repay' Foggy, but he declines. He wants to go out with Liz. Foggy stands up to Sharpe and surprisingly, Sharpe doesn't care if Foggy want to go out with Liz.
Later on, Matt and Karen sit on their couch and discuss the recent events. Matt fears Insomnia is working for the Kingpin.
HOWEVER, we switch scenes to Imsomnia. We finally meet her boss. She hands over the billy-club to him. It wasn't the Kingpin after all. Matt Murdock has to watch out for Mr. Fear...he knows Matt is DD...

Next issue, Joe Kelly takes over as writer.

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