Daredevil #360

Title:"Alone Against the Absorbing Man!"
Writer:Karl Kesel
Penciler:Cary Nord
Inker:Matt Ryan
Cover:Cary Nord/Matt Ryan
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele/American Color
Letters:Jim Novak
Editor:James Felder
Assistant Editor:Paul Tutrone
Date:Jan. 1997
Cover Price:1.50,2.10


Absorbing Man
Anna Nelson
Detective Danny Levin
Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Rosalind Sharpe
Sunny Sitka

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Cary Nord
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Issue Summary

This issue continues from the last, as we join DD's battle with the Absorbing Man, already in progress. DD isn't doing too well, as 'Crusher' Creel smashes a building that comes tumbling down. DD gets trapped underneath the rubble and Creel heads elsewhere. Some of you may even notice the reference to the musical 'Cats'...
So as we see DD trying to get free from the rubble, the story turns to the the lobby of a building. Karen runs to an elevator and meets Sharpe. They discuss Karen's relationship with Matt, and suddenly Sharpe is all nice with her. Once they reach the law office, Sharpe asks Karen if she knows anything about WSFK. They might be taking them as a client and talking to Karen made Sharpe remember about that for some reason. Sharpe wants Misty Knight to check them out. Sunny Sitka tells Sharpe that Foggy is in his office, and he is not alone. As he says that, Foggy exits his office with his 'mother'. Sharpe says 'I see you're giving Anna Nelson a tour.' and the two women give each other a look of hatred. Karen, who has never met Mrs. Nelson before, tries to greet 'Mrs. Nelson'. However, Sharpe blocks Karen's path and announces that this woman is not Foggy's mother, but merely 'my ex-husband's second wife'. She adds, 'Mrs. Nelson most certainly isn't my son's mother'. And so our little mystery concerning Sharpe is finally solved.
We return to the Absorbing Man, who has just trashed a diner, and he is confronted by a cop. The cop tries to stop him, but Creel turns into paper, and the shots the cop fires don't do a thing. DD appears and flattens Creel (literally), but Creel turns to concrete and sends DD flying. The cop introduces himself as Detective Danny Levin to DD, and DD tells him to fall back. DD resumes his fight with Creel, and sucker-punches him by saying 'There's Titania now!'. (Read Secret Wars if you don't know who Titania is...) Creel manages to get a hold of DD, and turns into burning coals...
Back to the office, the two 'Mrs. Nelsons' are discussing their level of parenting skills. In the middle of this debate, Sitka walks in and says the press needs a quote from Foggy, because DD is fighting an evil villain. The present Mrs. Nelson wonders why they need Foggy, and this leads to her storming out of the office because she thinks Sharpe is up to something with Foggy. The two lawyers then prepare themselves for their news conference.
The fight continues, and DD manages to break Creel's hand off, and Creel reattaches it (much to his surprise). He turns himself into diamond, and DD realizes to beat him, he'll have to keep chipping away at him. So he grabs Levin's gun and keeps hitting Creel with the butt-end. Eventually Creel falls to pieces. Levin calls his back-up and Creel is sent to prison as we see Foggy's news conference announcing this fact...
Matt returns home and is pretty beat up. Karen tells him that Sharpe is Foggy's mother. After a little silence he says he's isn't surprised. Also, Karen asks Matt if he had phoned her at work last night. Matt says he doesn't even know where she works, so how could he do that...but Daredevil could have phoned WFSK for Paige Angel's show. Karen announces in mock anger that she knew it was him, and she procedes to playfully hit the injured man on the sofa.
Next issue, the Black Widow!

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