Daredevil #8

Title :"Guardian Devil Part Eight: The Devil's Deliverance"
Writer:Kevin Smith
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti
Colours:Richard Isanove
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Liz Agraphiotis
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:None
Date:June 1999
Cover Price:2.50,3.75


Alitha Martinez
Ashley Quinn
Becky Blake
Ben Urich
Betsy Potter
Bill Everett
Black Panther
Black Widow
Candace Nelson
Captain America
Doris Urich
Dr. Strange
Everett K. Ross
Frank Miller
Human Torch
Invisible Woman
Jimmy Palmiotti
Joe Quesada
Karen (baby)
Karen Page
Karen Page's Mom
Kelly Lamy
Kevin Smith
Liz Osborn
Mary Jane Parker
Matt Murdock
Melvin Potter
Mr. Fantastic
Nanci Dakesian
Peter Parker
Rosalind Sharpe
Sister Maggie
Stan Lee

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Issue Summary

The final issue of Guardian Devil begins with Peter and Mary Jane Parker getting dressed for Karen Page's funeral. Peter is watching a TV report on Mysterio's death. He feels a sense of guilt, as if he were responsible for Mysterio's death. Mary Jane consoles him and reminds him to mourn for someone who deserves it... namely Karen. The TV report also says that charges have been dropped against Franklin Nelson because of new evidence.

The scene switches to Karen's funeral, where many past and present DD characters (as well as some other special guests) are attending. Matt is about to say a few words about Karen, when he can't bring himself to say his prepared speech. He can only get out "I'll miss you."

An hour later, after Karen has just been buried, Peter Parker talks with Matt. He wants to set up a meeting at nine the next night at their usual place. Matt says he'll try to make it.

Matt goes home and reads through some documents in an envelope. He discovers that Karen had a huge life insurance policy at the radio station. It's seven figures. He also finds another envelope within... it smells like Karen.

Matt opens the envelope addressed to him and reads the letter from Karen. Karen had hoped, when she wrote it, that Matt would be seventy-five when he would read the letter. She talks about the insurance policy. She also tells Matt that she wants him to spend the money on something for himself... no bills, no charities, no girls... just himself. There's a flashback to when Karen wrote this letter and Karen is sitting at the table writing it. Matt comes into the apartment through a window (as DD), and the two begin talking about the old brownstone apartment they used to share (which got blown up by the Kingpin during 'Born Again'). Matt says he still owns the lot but rebuilding the apartment would cost too much.

The next day, at Ryker's Island, Matt is there to greet Foggy as the lawyer is released from jail. Foggy asks if Liz was at the funeral. Matt says she was. Foggy details how Liz came to meet him at the prison. Liz wanted to know if the story was true about Foggy and Lydia McKenzie. She also walks away in disgust when she gets the confirmation that Foggy did spend the night with Lydia. Foggy doesn't care about the charges being dropped against him. He's still hurting.

Later that night, at 9, DD and Spider-Man meet up as planned. DD tells Spidey about the whole Mysterio adventure. Spidey says he knows exactly what DD is going through. He knows there's nothing worse than losing someone you love. Spidey is referring to Gwen Stacy's death. The two discuss what makes sense about what they do. Is it worth it? Spidey mentions to DD that DD saved a little girl's life. And that convinces DD that maybe it is worth it after all.

Matt gets out of costume and heads to Natasha's (Black Widow) apartment. She thinks it's Tony Stark at the door, but when she sees Matt, she plants a well placed punch in his face. Matt has to quickly explain that he was drugged by Mysterio etc. etc. The Widow offers another explanation. She tells Matt that he has had problems with women in the past, so maybe he should look within himself to find peace before he ventures into another relationship where he'll hurt someone else. Matt heeds her advice and the two make up.

Matt and Foggy go to the lot Matt still owns, the next morning. Foggy tells Matt that 'Razor' Sharpe wants the two back at the firm. Foggy isn't sure he wants to go back after how she treated him during the McKenzie situation. Matt offers a plan. What if they worked for themselves again? Why not set it up on the same lot? 'Nelson and Murdock' is reborn.

At Saint Vincent's hospital, the next morning, Matt meets with his mother, who is getting treatment from her injuries. Maggie asks Matt if he resents the baby for what it brought upon him. Matt says he thinks of the baby as his saviour. The baby brought him some sanity. She was the only thing that stopped him from falling into the abyss. Maggie informs Matt that the baby will be adopted and will be allowed to have visits from 'Uncle Matt'. Maggie also asks what the baby's name is, because no one seems to know... Matt says the baby's name should be Karen.

Matt leaves the hospital and walks the streets of Hell's Kitchen. He takes in all the scents and sounds and feels right at home. He heads to the church confessional (from issue #1) and just as he's about to confess his sins, he hears a cry for help. He rushes out and changes into his DD costume. DD's faith has been restored and he swings from rooftop to rooftop, to do his Father's work one more time.


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