Daredevil #13

Title :"Parts of a Hole Part Four: Trial and Error"
Writer:David Mack
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Mark Morales
Cover:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti/David Mack
Colours:Richard Isanove
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's TP
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:Kelly Lamy
Cover Price:2.99,4.50


Dante & Randal (Clerks)
Echo (Maya Lopez)
Foggy Nelson
Matt Murdock
Rosalind Sharpe

Daredevil #12

Daredevil #14

David Mack
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Mark Morales
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Issue Summary

The splash page shows what we've known since issue 11, namely Echo holding a gun to DD's head. The kids from issue 12 recognize Echo from her show and they think the two are staging some sort of rehersal for her show. Echo reluctantly lets DD go and disappears. The kids tell DD that the moves they saw Echo do were from movies they have seen.

Later, at home, Matt is awoken by a phone call. Foggy lets Matt know that the Kingpin has been indicted and that one of the Murphy Bros. and Larry are testifying. Foggy has been made a special assistant D.A. Matt thinks he should stay away from the court session, considering his past with the Kingpin. He learns that Razor Sharpe is representing the Kingpin in court.

Foggy also congratulates Matt on his 'charity performance', but Matt has no idea what he's talking about.

We see a newspaper with the headline of the Kingpin's trial and the 'charity performance' by DD and Echo in the playground.

Matt remembers what the kids said the day before, so he decides to go to the video store. The guys from Clerks are behind the counter. Matt asks for kung-fu movies, but the clerk says some woman took them all out. Matt senses that Maya is coming in at that second, so he races to hide. He unfortunately runs into the adult movie section.

Maya returns her movies and renews some of them. She leaves but Matt stays hidden. The clerks wonder why the blind guy is spending time in there, considering his 'blindness' already. Matt accidently finds a porno tape starring Karen Page.

Foggy's in court and Larry hasn't arrived. Sharpe is showcasing evidence and how it has nothing to do with Wilson Fisk. Then it's Foggy's turn, and he calls Fisk to the stand. Foggy asks about the phone that's registered to him. Fisk says someone stole the phone from his driver. Foggy asks about the calls made to Fisk. Maybe 'redial' was pushed?, says Fisk. The conversation with Murphy? Fisk only talks about the 'proverbs' that Murphy spoke with. Does Fisk know Lenny? Nope. How about Larry? He was the custodian for Fisk's building. Foggy accuses Fisk of killing the wrong man, but the judge quickly sustains his allegation. The judge wants to know where Larry is.

DD is at Ennis' Tavern, looking for Larry.

We go into Fisk's thoughts and learn about his past, how he learned from books and history, and how not to be weak; How a mugging brought some strength within him to fight back; How he must go farther than the enemy to succeed.

Turk is held upside down from a lamp post by DD. Turk says the Kingpin wants Larry dead.

In court, Sharpe shows how Murphy is part of the 'Twin Killers', responsible for the deaths of babies (from Guardian Devil). How does this connect to Fisk? Murphy doesn't help Foggy's case by acting weird in court with his 'proverbs and sayings'. Foggy wants more time to find Larry. But the case is dismissed. The judge doesn't want to waste any more time. Fisk gets off the charge.

Outside the court, Fisk talks to reporters. He gets in his limo and asks the driver if Larry was 'taken care of'. The driver turns around. It's Larry. And he's pointing a gun at Fisk. Fisk smiles.

Shots are fired in the car. The car stops on a bridge, and Larry goes crashing through the front window. Larry finds his gun just as Fisk comes closer. He fires multiple shots that find the target.

Daredevil shows up, and Larry keeps firing. The impact of the bullets makes Fisk fall off the bridge. Larry hands the gun to DD. Larry's speech impediment also disappears.

Echo sees DD holding a gun on TV. She now will come gunning for DD again. In her mind, DD has killed Fisk.


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