Daredevil #4

Title :"Guardian Devil Part Four: The Devil's Distaff"
Writer:Kevin Smith
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti
Colours:Avalon Studios' Laura & Drew
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Liz Agraphiotis
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:None
Cover Price:2.50,3.75


Black Widow
Karen (baby)
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Mr. Gabriel
Nicholas Macabes
Sister Maggie

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Daredevil #5

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Kevin Smith
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Issue Summary

The opening page shows panels of a heart rate, gradually zooming in, until in giant letters, 'My Love...' appears. We find the Black Widow (with the baby tied to her back) and DD on the rooftop of a building. DD is kneeling and in pain. He's holding his head. He wants to know what happened. The Widow explains how she saved him from the truck (from last issue) that was going to hit him. Luckily she had been swinging by to save him. DD talks about the white room. The Widow says she had been to Matt's apartment and found Karen sleeping there. She didn't talk to her, though. She has also heard of Foggy's problems and Matt's resignation from the law firm. This brings back memories of the Kingpin ruining Matt's life. DD starts questioning who the enemy is. He thinks it's the baby. The Widow says to stop blaming the child. DD thinks about how his judgment is being clouded. DD gets lost in thought. He's not listening to her. He starts thinking bad thoughts of the Widow, and he clenches his teeth. Something is clearly not right with him. He begins to question his trust in the Widow. The Widow obviously is getting nervous at the way DD is acting. DD starts questioning the timing of the Widow's arrival. She appeared just as all his problems started happening. He wants the kid. He grabs the Widow by the throat. She kicks, but he grabs her ankle and twists and apparently breaks it. She passes out. DD picks up the baby and then... jumps off the roof. On the way down, DD finally realizes what he is doing and uses a billy club line to soften their landing. But he does land hard. The baby is unhurt. DD stumbles a bit on the street and then finds himself at the steps of a church. Waiting on the church steps is Sister Maggie.
Two days later, uptown. We find the man in shadow talking with Mr. Gabriel. He talks about his year of planning for his swan song. He's playing golf in his office. He hints of a past with Spider-Man and how he is currently not well thought of. He talks of the Kingpin as well. He wants to put an end to this whole thing. He tells Mr. Gabriel to summon the assassin.
Matt wakes up. He has been sleeping for two days. He talks with Maggie about the last time he was here in the church. He calls her Mother, but she says she is only a Sister. Matt says to put an end to the charade. And finally, Maggie talks like she is Matt's mother. He gets on her case about her abandoning him years ago. He starts questioning God and how He only looked after Maggie. Matt goes nuts again and Maggie has to slap him to shut up. He begs for forgiveness. They talk about his life, about God and he questions if God really exists. He wonders how Maggie can believe in God. Maggie proceeds to tell Matt a story about a Monk and a Knight. Essentially the story boils down to two questions: What if you die and you learn there is no God? What if you die and you find there is? Matt gets enlightened and his faith seems to return. Maggie says someone is waiting for him downstairs in the church.
Matt finds Karen downstairs. She wants the baby from Matt. Matt realizes he's never told Karen about the baby. He screams at her to know who has gotten to her. It's Mr. Macabes of course. Karen wants the baby because it is the cause of her infection. She also says Matt is infected too. Matt then isn't very nice to her, and basically brings up her past as the reason she has AIDS, not the baby. Karen runs out of the church, crying. Matt thinks he knows who can help him out of his situation.
Back to the offices of the mysterious shadowed man. He is talking with someone who is holding a paperclip in his hand. We don't see who it is yet. He wants the baby and DD alive. He'll get 5 million dollars if he's successful. The man is revealed to be Mr. Macabes (of course) and he offers the assassin sitting across from him a toast. The paperclip is flung across the desk, it cracks the glass and ricochets off the chair and lands in a book the assassin is holding. Bullseye agrees to Mr. Macabes offer.


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