Daredevil #12

Title :"Gun Play"
Writer:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti
Penciler:Rob Haynes
Inker:Rob Haynes
Cover:Joe Quesada/David Mack
Colours:David Self
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:Kelly Lamy
Date:June 2000
Cover Price:2.99,4.50


Brenda Kelly
Echo (Maya Lopez)
Eddie Kelly

Daredevil #11

Daredevil #13

David Mack
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Jimmy Palmiotti
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Joe Quesada
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Rob Haynes
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Issue Summary

We begin where #11 left off... Echo is holding a gun to DD's head.

But we switch scenes to look into the lives of Hell's Kitchen residents...

Brenda has been married to a cop for 22 years. He's become depressed ever since someone used his gun on his partner and killed him. Brenda is trying to get enough nerve to leave him. She's getting tired of the monotonous life she now leads. She's ready to give him his dinner. He's not responsive to much.

Interlude: Echo chases Daredevil.

Brenda wants to leave, but in the end, she can't tell him. She feeds him his food.

Switch to Bobby a.k.a. 'Mad Dog'. He's fresh out of jail and is going after Chloe, the girl he raped years ago. She's taking a shower in her apartment and Mad Dog is trying to break in through the roof of her apartment.

Interlude: Echo throws billy clubs at DD.

Those billy clubs cause Mad Dog to get tangled in an antenna and he falls off the roof.

Switch to John. He has MS. He wants to kill himself. He's sitting in a car with a gun to his head. He's been fired from his job and he doesn't want to go on. As he is about to pull the trigger, a loud BANG is heard...

But it's not the gun... it's Mad Dog, who has landed on John's car. A 'Wanted' poster conveniently flies by and John recognizes Mad Dog. John points his gun at the criminal.

Switch to Andy a.k.a. 'Lil' Neo'. He's thinking about his youth program when Mr. Kelly was running things. Those were the good times. Larry, his friend, doesn't believe in Mr. Kelly's ideas, and Larry wants Andy to toughen up. He points a gun at Andy's head to help him change his ways.

But the two, along with another member of the group, go running to see what's the commotion at the side of the building up ahead. Andy sees Mr. Kelly up in his apartment window. Mr. Kelly - the cop - recognizes Andy (who just happens to be his ex-partner's son) and he finally speaks and hugs his wife. John calls 911 to get the reward for capturing Mad Dog.

Meanwhile, we get right back to Echo holding the gun to DD's head...


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