Daredevil #10

Title :"Parts of a Hole Part Two: Echoes!"
Writer:David Mack
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti/David Mack
Colours:Richard Isanove
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:Kelly Lamy
Cover Price:2.50,3.75


Echo (Maya Lopez)
Foggy Nelson
Larry Cebulski
Matt Murdock
Murphy Brothers

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Daredevil #11

David Mack
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Issue Summary

David Mack's second issue of Daredevil begins with Matt dreaming. A picture of Karen has broken into pieces, but the pieces are puzzle pieces. He's trying to put them together, but he realizes he's drowning and the pieces are floating to the top. He knows they are parts... of a hole. He can smell chlorine, or maybe it's disinfectant. He can feel someone listening to his heartbeat. Matt realizes he's in an emergency room.

Matt is in the hospital emergency room because of the bullet that grazed him last issue. While Matt is listening to everything going on around him, he thinks he hears Lenny, the Kingpin's custodian. Lenny says something in his usual way that we can't fully understand. Matt lifts himself up off the gurney and realizes Lenny isn't there. Lenny had died last issue.

Later, at the new offices of Nelson and Murdock, Matt is working out with his punching bag in the basement gym. Matt thinks of the hospital and the first time he ever met his mother when he was blinded. Upstairs, Matt checks out the damage from last issue. The windows have bullet holes; the floor and walls are covered in Lenny's blood. The piano is off-key and full of holes. We find out that after Matt had caught the snipers from last issue, he used their cell phone to call the cops. Then he raced back to the office. After his stint in the hospital, the office was a crime scene. Police have taped up the whole area. The police have told Matt that the shooter's name is Murphy. Matt continues to ponder the appearance of Lenny at the hospital. Lenny told Matt something and he knows it's Lenny's big secret. Matt is going to check out the secret.

The scene switches to a busy New York street. Cars are screeching to a halt to avoid hitting a woman crossing the street. It's Maya Lopez, and she's oblivious to everything going on around her. She doesn't hear the people yelling at her, of course. She's lost in thought about what Mr. Fisk told her. Fisk needs a favour of her. He needs her to visit a lawyer because the good lawyer believes Fisk to be involved with something bad. He says that the lawyer will relate to her and will know that she isn't lying. She's to talk to him to persuade him to change his mind.

Matt wakes up late. He has Lenny's words still flowing through his head. He gets to a keyboard to type out his words. Matt has slept at the office. He walks in on Foggy preparing the Lenny case. Foggy puts his work aside and asks if Matt is okay. Matt says he is okay. Foggy then jumps up from the chair and hugs Matt. Foggy expresses how devestated he would have been if Matt died. He cries on Matt's shoulder.

Someone walks in on them...

It's Maya, and she asks if she's interrupted anything. Foggy gets all shy and nervous and excuses himself from the room. Maya doesn't introduce herself... she says she is deaf, so that's why she didn't call. She wants to talk to a Mr. Murdock. She also asks Matt if the man who ran off was his boyfriend! Matt does his best to explain, but he doesn't do a great job of it. He says he is Mr. Murdock. Matt says he'd like to step into his office, but it's kind of in a transitional state. Maya doesn't hear any of this. She's spotted the Baldwin piano and she runs into the office. She starts playing and Matt is amazed. Maya points out the broken keys. Maya then asks about the body outline on the floor. Matt explains that it was the last client. Foggy then pops in and asks if the woman is gone. Maya says she can see that she's interrupting something, so she gives Matt a card. She says she wants to meet Matt tomorrow after her theatre performance. It's in regards to Wilson Fisk. Matt is left holding the card, wondering what she has to do with Fisk.

At night, Matt pieces together Lenny's words. The word Crazy Horse has ten letters. It's not a phone number. Daredevil is going to infiltrate Fisk's building.

Daredevil breaks in, disables the lights and electricity and makes his way to Fisk's office. He opens the safe, using the numbers that correspond to Crazy Horse. In the safe, DD finds files on everyone, from cops to judges to generals. DD takes them all with him. But he leaves the gun in the safe.

Fisk finds the gun, and he knows DD is behind the theft. He is not amused.

Later, Fisk walks in on Maya rehearsing for her performance. Maya had said she wanted to talk to him. Maya wants Fisk to do HER a favour. She wants to know about her father.

Fisk explains that her father was his partner in business. He was called Crazy Horse because he was Cheyenne Indian. He didn't meet Maya's mother until he came to New York. Maya wants to know who killed her father. Fisk then reveals that twenty years ago, someone who was trying to kill him, killed her father instead. He says that Daredevil killed her father. Fisk then proceeds to show Maya photos of DD breaking in to the safe. He shows that DD took everything but the gun in the safe. Fisk says DD left it as a sign to let him know who did it. Because that's the gun that was used to kill her father.

Maya keeps the gun in memory of her father. She watches tapes of DD fighting with Bullseye. She remembers her father and his lifeless body after he was shot. She prepares a performance about a devil that kills a tribal shaman for his shadow. But before the shaman dies, he leaves a mark on the littlest brave. The little brave learns the devil's medicine and she also becomes a shadow. She captures the devil and she doesn't hear the devil's pleas for mercy. Because she is just an echo. Maya performs this to a packed cheering audience. She realizes she will act out another play tomorrow. Tomorrow she will kill Daredevil.

That night, Fisk is in his office, thinking of twenty years ago. He thinks of the gun he had put to Crazy Horse's head. Crazy Horse pleads that his daughter will be taken care of after he dies. The Kingpin gives his word and promises as he kills Crazy Horse.

Fisk presses his hand against his window and expresses wonder on how Maya has grown up so fast.


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