Daredevil #11

Title :"Parts of a Hole Part Three: Dinner & A Movie"
Writer:David Mack
Penciler:Joe Quesada
Inker:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover:Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti/David Mack
Colours:Richard Isanove
Letters:Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Editor:Nanci Dakesian
Assistant Editor:Kelly Lamy
Date:May 2000
Cover Price:2.50,3.75


Echo (Maya Lopez)
Foggy Nelson
Matt Murdock

Daredevil #10

Daredevil #12

David Mack
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Issue Summary

Maya is studying an old video tape of DD and Bullseye fighting. She's learning their moves and techniques. She's also watching other kung-fu style movies.

At the office, Foggy tells Matt that Lenny was a twin and Murphy killed the wrong guy. Larry was the custodian who stumbled upon some info about the Kingpin. Lenny had come to the office for help while Larry went into hiding. Matt had seen Larry at the hospital last issue. There are workers cleaning up the murder scene while this discussion is going on. Matt wants Larry to testify, and wants him under police protection. Matt realizes he is late for coffee with Maya, so he leaves. One of the workers whispers into his sleeve and lets the Kingpin know what's going on...

Later, at the coffee shop, Maya tells of how Wilson Fisk took care of her after her father's death. Matt senses she believes what she is saying, so she doesn't know of Fisk's criminal activities.

Coffee turns into lunch for the two. The viewpoint switches to Maya's side. They take a walk in the park. They then go to dinner, go to a movie (where the other moviegoers throw popcorn at them to get them to keep quiet). As they leave the theatre, Matt is laughing so hard that the stitch on his cheek breaks apart (see last issue for how he got this injury). As Maya gets a closer look at the wound, Matt and Maya kiss. Maya gets a cab home. They agree that they should go out again.

At home, Maya thinks of Matt while she's watching more videos.

As Daredevil, Matt is thinking of Maya while he's racing across some rooftops. Suddenly, he's hit in the head with an object. Echo is standing before him. Matt can tell it's Maya in the costume. She throws some ninja stars at him. DD notices how accurate her throwing is, and it reminds him of Bullseye. He tries to move to let Echo read his lips. He tries to attack and defend without hurting her. The fight moves to a playground, where DD knocks Echo down at the base of a teetertotter. As DD moves in, Echo pushes down and the end of the teetertotter smacks DD and stuns him. He then hears the click of a gun. Echo points the gun she believes DD used on her father, at his head.


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