Daredevil #88

Title :"The Secret Life of Foggy Nelson"
Writer:Ed Brubaker
Penciler:David Aja
Inker:David Aja
Cover:Lee Bermejo
Colours:Frank D'Armata
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit
Editor:Warren Simons
Assistant Editor:None
Cover Price:2.99,3.75


Ben Urich
Dakota North
Foggy Nelson
Karen Page
Special Agent Pullman
The Hand
Unnamed Special Agent

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David Aja
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Lee Bermejo
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Issue Summary

Summary by Sam Johnson

In his Manhattan home, Ben Urich receives another unintelligible phone call. In his new suburban house, Foggy's FBI agent tells him to hang up the phone: "You're in protective custody for a reason... and I don't intend to see you get killed on my watch." Foggy replies: "Who'd even know? My friends already think I'm dead." His agent counters: "You're safer that way... if [your friend] is running you're still a target."

Foggy regrets that he ever agreed to enrol in the witness protection program . but, reflecting through Daredevil's past exploits, he has never been brave. But now he decides: "I can't let you do this, Matt... you have to come back... or I'm going to have to run, too."

The next evening, two rogue FBI agents stake out the house, waiting for the word from their boss and their inside agent.

Foggy's agent is visited by Agent Pullman, with news of Matt's fleeing of the country. When his flight landed in London, Matt was not on the plane, although no passengers remember him getting up before takeoff. Listening from upstairs, Foggy finally decides to run.

Escaping out the window, he hails a suspiciously rare cab, driven by one of the rogue agents. He takes Foggy to a set-up outside of town, but Foggy is saved by ninjas, who attack and kill the gang. The ninja gives Foggy a message from his mistress, Elektra . "Go back to the FBI... you are safer there."

Back in protected custody, Foggy is again grilled on his new past. Answering to his new name, Everett Williams, he begs: "Come home, Matt, damn it... so we can fix this... so we can get back to the way things used to be... so I can be safe again... ".


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